Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trades for 08/18/2009

Hello Traders,

Today was a trend day in my book. I didn't make it to the screen until the afternoon so I missed most of the action. I made one trade It was a counter trend short. You can see it marked on the chart. It was good for a quick point. The rest of the afternoon we kinda bounced around in the upper range. Everyone is watching the 991.50 level closely as this is the 50% retrace from the lows of this recent move down. If bulls can't make a push over this line things could get hairy.

Tomorrow I will be starting a temporary position at a Non Profit here in Pittsburgh. I'm very excited about having a job but at the same time sad to leave my trading desk. If I blog, it will be light. Trading is an addiction for me. I have been doing it for almost 6 years now and I doubt I'll stop. My strategy will likely shift to swing trading and for that I use deep in the money options.

I appreciate all the emails and friends I made in the few short weeks this blog has been in existence. The best part about blogging your trades is making yourself accountable. This alone has improved my skill 100%. It makes you think a little harder before you pull the trigger. I recommend any struggling trader do the same thing. Thanks for reading everyone. This is goodbye... for now ;)


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