Monday, August 9, 2010

08/06/2010 We are Screwed

Sorry to bring the pain but..

Tomorrow is Fed day and I honestly think that whatever they say at this point doesn't matter anymore. We are screwed. The whole thing just feels like its coming unraveled.

I have gotten a better grip on reality working for the non profit CareerLink in Pittsburgh. I see it every day. People my age got duped into a degree in business management, communications, sociology, or dance. They are in over their heads in unmanageable debt, live at home, and work as barristas at Starbucks or waiters at some Darden restaurant. Just waiting for that C level executive position they were promised to come along... Constantly deferring that Sallie Mae loan until it does

Meanwhile the family guy who had a cushy job as midwest director of human resources found that he was no longer needed to push paperwork in circles and invent make work "projects" for his department. His 401k is toast. His kids college expenses are bankrupting him and he has HELOC'ed himself up to his bloodshot eyeballs. He lacks the will to get re-trained and re-enter the most competitive job market in History. Oh, and he is in his 60's with NO retirement money saved.

As a country, unions have bankrupted us, corrupt politicians have sold us down the river in 8 year cycles, and there is a dog and pony show going on over there in the corner to distract us from the 100's of trillions in unfunded liabilities.

They can only keep the charade going for so much longer. I can't help but feeling it's gonna be sooner than later. Remember this though, They will never run out of money but what They will run out of is confidence. They have certainly lost mine.


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