Monday, September 27, 2010

9/24/2010 One Trade One Loss

Good evening traders,

Hope you all had a good trading day! I took one trade for a loss of a point. Tweeted it too. Being focused on my Quant Methods class wasn't helping so I just left the screens on and watched.

You ever just watch your DOM sometime? It does some really wierd stuff from time to time. Orders will just pop up, then quickly go away. I'll watch the contracts on the BID go from 4k-12k+ in about 3 seconds then go away again! Comments on that topic are welcome

I'll be trading more tomorrow and Wednesday because school is out until Thursday night. Tomorrow I'm watching the 1130-1132.00 price range for buyers to step in. That level puts us at the mean of the volume profile from last week. It also lines up with a few daily trend-lines that could get some swing traders on our side. Until we break out of accepted Value Area I'll be adding to my current profile for analysis. Good Luck tomorrow !


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