Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/19/2010 Market Delta vs. Investor RT

Good evening traders,

I have been having a lot more success lately. My win percentage is over 70%. I'm sure its just a luck streak, but I think I owe a lot of my successes to implementing market profile and auction theory in my trading. I purchased the book "Markets in Profile" and signed up for eminiplayer.net. I have added the Gomi delta and market profile indicators to my charts in Ninja Trader and watched about a dozen webinars on market profile in the past week. My take: You could recognize all the patterns, memorize a bunch of setups, have $5,000 dollar indicators, but its all worthless if you don't understand market profile.

Well now I'm trying to take things to the next level. I am prepared to invest in a new market profile software to run on a new computer that I just added to my setup. I have narrowed it down to Investor RT or Market Delta. Anyone who reads my blog and has one or the other please comment on your experiences and help me decide. I also created a thread over at Big Mike's Trading Forum . Right now I'm leaning towards Investor RT and DTN IQ feed for data. I'll write some brief market commentary later. After my little one goes to bed. Enjoy your evening everyone, and thanks for your help.



  1. no comments?! please there has to be someone out there reading this ...

  2. Yes, I am reading this :) I soak everything up there is to get a grip on futures tradg. My stock tradg skills are not bad but need a new challenge. Thx for sharing your ideas.


  3. IRT is the lower cost alternative to Market Delta. If you don't need the foot-print chart, I would just go with IRT. If you want to make use of the Foot-Print chart, go with Market Delta. Think of it as a business expense, and whether the difference in price will provide you with an edge in the market place. Good luck!

  4. I haven't direct experience but I have looked into various forums and many have asked the question hardly anyone seems to be able to say that MD is actually helping their trading significantly. Not a ripoff but maybe what it offers is difficult to interpret iun a way that makes money.